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*This job applies to people who live in the Arab region and has knowledge on the Arabic language.

The goal of the project is to research relevant individuals who are associated with interactive travelling within the country of the person, who’s going to take part of the project, and obtain the necessary contact information (Email and Phone number) and specific background details of the researched individuals. The project also requires grouping the collected data into classes in a way that reflect how much these individuals express their travel content, as well as what kind of interests they feature.

The person partaking the project should have the basic knowledge of the commonly used social media applications in their country that involves travel and the common email domains used in that country, and research possible leads using travel related terms in their native language, combined with the domain names to make the search specific to finding contact email. The person can also research within social media applications for popular leads using their own form of trending terms relating to travel.
The data collected is then reviewed by another team to ensure that the quality of work is being maintained throughout the project.

The hourly payrate is 1.9$/hour, and you'll need to work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, with weekend being flexible. If the results turn out good then there's a chance that we'd extend the task and payment ahead.

If interested, do contact us to learn more about the project.

Skills required
Data entry

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